Five Tips for Keeping Your Parrot Healthy

Do you have a parrot? Parrots are beautiful, intelligent birds that are fun to have around. They are great imitators, so you may have a parrot who likes to mimic your voice. Some types of parrots live for
50 years or more so many owners feel like their bird is more like a member of the family than a pet. Checkout five tips to help you keep your parrot happy and healthy throughout its life.

Provide Your Bird with a Nutritious Diet

A nutritious diet for a parrot includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, seeds, vitamins, minerals, fruits and nuts. These elements can be found in a reliable brand of parrot seed. In addition to its regular diet, give your parrot some treats that are fun and can provide your feathered friend with more nutrients. Seedless grapes, apple slices, baby carrots, banana pieces, unsalted nuts and celery sticks are …


Get Helpful Tips About Dogs That Are Simple To Understand

Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or considering getting your first puppy, you probably have a lot of questions. Dogs may not be the most mysterious of creatures, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find some excellent advice that will help you take care of your dog.

Your dog needs an annual physical exam from the vet, just as you need one from your doctor. Your dog is not able to talk, so it is not easy to know when he’s got arthritis or an aching tooth. Check-ups can reveal that and more.

When training your puppy or dog, keep the sessions short! Experts say that a dog has the attention span of a small child, sometimes less, and that longer sessions will actually cause him to forget everything you’ve learned together. Use …