Ben Sykes Cites Many Advantages of Pharmaceutical Compounding for Veterinarians

Veterinary compounding is a process that involves altering or combining existing medications to suit the unique needs of a veterinarian’s particular patients. Veterinarians can benefit from this process through improved access to the medications they need, while pet owners themselves can benefit from the peace of mind it offers. After all, pet owners want what’s best for their animals, and often the best patient outcomes can only be ensured via pharmaceutical compounding.

Advantages for Veterinarians

Bova’s business development manager Ben Sykes cites a variety of reasons that veterinarians might want to choose a compounded product to treat their patients. These include the availability of medications, the ability to titrate the medications to each animal’s unique needs, improving compliance, and an improved ability to administer medications to notoriously difficult to medicate animals. He cites cats, which are known for their hesitance to take medications orally, as a perfect example of when compounding might be handy for creating a transdermal medication instead of an oral medication.

Advantages for Pet Owners

In addition to the added peace of mind of knowing that their animals are being treated with the best possible medications, pet owners can also benefit from easier administration of drugs. One common method of pharmaceutical compounding involves changing the taste of the medications to make them more palatable, which can help pet owners avoid the frustrations associated with administering medications orally. Similarly, owners of cats and other animals that don’t take well to oral medications under any circumstances can benefit from changing the method of administering these important drugs.

Advantages for Pets

Of course, the pets themselves stand to gain the most from pharmaceutical compounding. Not only can compounding allow the care providers to tailor dosage, flavor, and administration method to the animal’s unique needs, but it can also allow them access to medications that are not common enough to allow pharmaceutical companies to manufacture them for mass production. That means animals can still be treated with medications that have been taken off the market not due to their ineffectiveness but due to the higher cost of producing them.

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