What To Expect From Commercial Auto Coverage

In the United Kingdom, commercial fleets require commercial auto coverage. The policies provide assistance for accidents that could arise while deliveries are conducted. They cover common liabilities that could present possible litigation for the business owner. A local agency provides these business owners with adequate coverage.

What is Covered Under These Policies?

The policies cover the driver, the fleet vehicle, and other automobile owners who were involved. However, the coverage applies to other vehicles only when the commercial driver was at fault. The products inside the vehicle are also covered under these circumstances. The policies provide a payment for medical expenses and property damage that occurs during the accident. However, these accidents will require a complete investigation.

Are There Limitations?

Yes, the fleet driver must be operating the vehicle for business reasons. They cannot operate it during non-business hours or during a resting period. Any accident, injuries, or property damage that happen during non-business hours are not covered by the policy.

Reviewing Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

Under federal laws, all commercial drivers must follow a driving schedule based on Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations. The regulations require the drivers to take an eight-hour break between twelve to fourteen-hour shifts. The resting periods are required to prevent exhausted driving which can lead to accidents.

The driver must also keep a log of all their driving hours. The log must show the exact hours included in their schedule. Any changes could indicate that the driver broke the law and continued to drive while exhausted.

Managing Coverage for Cargo

The cargo is covered under the policy as well. The insurance replaces the items that are damaged, lost, or stolen. The coverage prevents customers and the business owner from facing financial losses due to these circumstances. This could also prevent possible legal claims.

In the United Kingdom, commercial business owners must manage their fleet by purchasing the right insurance coverage. The coverage provides them with protection in the event that an accident occurs. This includes personal injuries and property damage. Commercial auto owners who need more information about the policies can see more information now.